Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Not My Fault. Really.

If you follow my tweets and Facebook updates, you know that I've been having trouble with all things electronic. That's not unusual for me--I'm a techno-noob. It's okay, because while I can't design a fancy website,have trouble downloading pics to Twitter and have to beg Nat to show me how to do blogs, I can paint a room like a professional, spell better than almost everyone, and if I had to, change the oil in our three cars.

But electronic wonkies constantly plague me; why does Yahoo freeze up? Is it the overworked server, the outdated computer, or just noobie me? Why does the garage door go down only to rise back up and flash angry lights like something's blocked its path? My phone, a Backflip, sometimes decides it does it won't let me answer a call. My Chevrolet Impala warns me that tire pressure is low, even after hubby has checked it twice.

Can it really, truly, simply just be me?

I don't think so.

Ineptness and dead batteries aside, there are larger forces at work here against me. And you. And everyone.

Solar flares.

According to my lover-of-all-things-electronic-son, an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse)which can come from solar flares (or nuclear bombs, but I haven't seen or heard about any)can disrupt electronics (just like it shows in the movies!). As a matter of fact, we are approaching the 'high point' of solar activity which culminates in 2012, according to Ian O'Neill, creator/writer of Universe Today, a "solar physics doctor." (Check out )
It might not matter what electronics, new or old, you have, or how tech savvy you are, you may be subject to the wonkies.

Well I'm glad to know it's not MY fault!

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